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We welcome all to visit coverage of our events. This is more of our photo gallery with explanations.



This year GM Daniel Verkerke produced 4 Instructional videos
demonstrating and teaching Seicho jutsu hand techniques.


Hand Techniques - Soft Circular, Sticking & Redirecting

2016 Hand Techniques, Hard Linear, Reflecting & Slide

2016 Hand Techniques Slingshot, Windmill, Elbow rolls

    2016 High Intensity Snap, whip punch




    International Circle of Masters seminars

    Group picture of participants and Circle of Masters Officials


      Vice President  C.O.M. GM Daniel Verkerke with President C.O.M. GM Dan McEaddy


      World Head of Family Sokeship
      Grandmasters Council

      Gm Daniel Verkerke received the "Distinguished Grandmaster Member Award"

      GM Daniel Verkerke with founder of WHFSC GM Frank Sanchez and GM Gary Wasniewski

      GM Daniel Verkerke with honored guest Sigourney Weaver


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      GM Verkerke produced this latest video production to demonstrate
      and teach Seicho Jutsu Knife defense from a sewing machine attack





      International Circle of Masters seminars

      C.O.M. Participants and officials pose for group pic



      World Head of Family Sokeship
      Grandmasters Council

      GM Daniel Verkerke received "Legendary Grandmaster of the WHFSC Award"

      Grandmasters Group photo held after seminars and annual meeting

      During GM Daniel Verkerke's seminar


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        World Head of Family Sokeship
        Grandmaster Council

        Seminar symposium & awards banquet

        Seminar Instructors pose for group picture

        GM Daniel Verkerke received "WHFSC Grandmaster Shogun Award"

        Head table during awards ceremony / banquet

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        International Circle of Masters seminars

        Group photo of participants and Circle of Masters officials

        GM Daniel Verkerke Vice President of the I.C.O.M.  teaching seminar.





        World Head of Family Sokeship
        Grandmasters Council

        Seminar symposium, awards presentation and annual meeting

        Ice sculpture of the W.H.F.S.C. logo

        GM Daniel Verkerke received "WHFSC Platinum Anniversary Grandmaster Member" award

      The Head table overlooking this prestigious event

      GM Neal Hummerstone with GM Daniel Verkerke


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        Gm Daniel Verkerke produced the below video
        defending from a reverse grip knife attack.



        Seicho Jutsu in Sri Lanka

        GM Verkerke being interviewed by TV crews in Sri Lanka

        Seminar participants during GM Daniel Verkerke's seminar in Sri Lanka



        Kuching Malaysia at the World Hall of Fame Conferance

        GM Daniel Verkerke received the "Continued Excellence in Martial Arts"

        GM Daniel Verkerke with Dr Prof Song Swee Hee after awards presentation



        GM Daniel Verkerke was honored to be the Chief guest speaker
         for the Tamil Association at the University of Waterloo

        GM Verkerke presenting the performers with awards from the Tamil Association


      GM Daniel Verkerke also received " Grandmaster Warrior of the WHFSC"
      Pictures to be posted later

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        GM Daniel Verkerke produced the below video teaching
         Seicho Jutsu Knife fighting against the Straight Grip





        World Head of Family Sokeship
        Grandmasters Council

        Gm Daniel Verkerke received "World Grandmaster Ambassador of Martial Arts" award.

        GM Verkerke was once again honored to be seated at the Head table overlooking this prestigious event




        Gm Daniel Verkerke received "Golden Lifetime Achievement Award of Honor"


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    Daniel Verkerke 2009 Asia tour

    This is a group shot of Daniel Verkerke's 1st seminar in Malaysia 2009. A great time was had by everyone, the seminar went from 10am - 5pm then out for dinner and entertainment. A great turn out which brought various style together promoting One Malaysia.  Some people even drove for over 6 hours to attend.


    For more coverage of the August 1st seminar with pictorial

    Click here to view Seminar 1 Asia


    GM Daniel Verkerke received the position as Advisor for the Global Taekwon-Do Federation International by GM Dato Sabree Salleh at the TKD Headquarters in Shah Alam. Also assisted with the 4th Dan grading examination August 2nd.


    GM Daniel Verkerke's second seminar in Malacca August 5th was even greater than the first with many Martial arts Masters and dignitaries in attendance.

    For more coverage of the August 5th seminar with pictorial

    Click here to view Seminar 2 Asia

    Posing with Directors of the Malaysian Grandmasters Council in Kuala Lumpur after the meeting and Daniel Verkerke's  demonstration of Combat Knife and Cane techniques. The President and board members then took him out for lunch.

    GM Verkerke was also interviewed for the Malaysian Martial Arts Magazine Seni Martial Arts and was taken to the jungle for late night training by the Editor of the magazine Azlan Ghanie who is seen second to the right in above picture.


    Seminar participants and Instructors pose for a group shot after the seminars were conducted for the Martial Arts Conference 2009 in Kuching


    For more coverage of the August 9th  seminar with pictorial

    Click here to view Seminar 3 Asia


    GM Daniel Verkerke received the Living Legend award. All Doctorate degree holders wear the robe representing their degree. The color of the robe represents GM Verkerke Doctorate degree which he received in 2005. The different hats also represent the degrees as well.


    For more coverage of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Conference with pictorial

    Click here to view World Hall of Fame Conference Asia


    GM Daniel Verkerke and GM Dato Sabree Salleh were hosted by the Secretary General of the Olympic Council of Malaysia Dato Sieh Kok Chi at the Olympic headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The Secretary General presented Daniel with the official Olympic pins which he was very honored to receive. During this historic meeting the Global Taekwon Do Federation International began steps to be affiliated with the Olympic Council.

    Click Thumbnail for Full size


    Daniel Verkerke receiving a gift from Mahaguru Dato HJ Omardin Mauju Supreme Grandmaster Federation Silat Lincah Malaysia 11th August 2009. This was an extreme honor as it very uncommon for the Mahaguru to visit. This is like the Mountain coming to you.

    During this visit Mahaguru was so impressed with Daniel Verkerke's techniques that he invited him to come back and teach the Police Task Force and Military.

    For more coverage of the visit with Mahaguru with pictorial

    Click here for Mahaguru Dato HJ Omardin Mauju Supreme Grandmaster Federation Silat Lincah Malaysia


    The Instructors course GM Daniel Verkerke taught for the Global Teakwon Do Federation International held August 12th 2009 in Shah Alam. Great group of Black Belts that represented their Grandmaster Dato Sabree Salleh very well.

    For more coverage of the August 12th seminar with pictorial

    Click here to view seminar 4 coverage Asia 2009


    Pictured above receiving a hard covered book featuring the Wushu Championship 2006 from the Secretary General of the Wushu Federation of Malaysia Loong Chek Hock. Grandmasters Dato Sabree Salleh and Daniel Verkerke were then taken to a lovely Chinese restaurant and treated for dinner by the Secretary General and Board of Directors for the Wushu Federation of Malaysia.

    Click Thumbnail for Full size



    Hall of Fame Seminar Symposium May 2009 San Antonio Texas

    Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke was once again honored to receive the GRANDMASTER PINNACLE AWARD and to be seated at the Head table of this very Prestigious event. GM Verkerek also conducted a seminar for this weekend long event which is available on DVD from the WHFSC

    To view more coverage visit us at: Click here to view WHFSC awards Ceremony 2009 Texas 

    WHFSC coverage:
    or the photo gallery at our group site on Facebook:


    Congratulations goes to Shihan Jake Westlake on fulfilling the requirements
    for Seicho Jutsu Masters level 4. A path which began in 1987. The Masters
    Level marks yet another beginning on the Journey to Self Development.

    Congratulations Michael Petrella on earning your Seicho Jutsu Level 3. You are well
    on your way to becoming a Seicho Jutsu Master. Growing Physically, Mentally & Spiritually.


    Atlantic City January 2009

    Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke was honored to receive the DIAMOND LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors in Atlantic City NJ.

    To view pictorial coverage visit: Click here to view Action Martial Arts Magazine Awards Ceremony 2009 



    with Master Jake Westlake

    Fantastic full day seminar held at the Seicho Jutsu Institute Cambridge Ontario

    GM Daniel Verkerke was once again honored to meet the Honorable Stephen Harper
    Prime Minister of Canada. We would like to thank the Prime Ministers Office for this photo.


    Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke the proud Grandfather and Father seen here
    with his son Daniel JR and second Granddaughter Abigail Verkerke

    GM Daniel Verkerke Featured in

    WHFSC Grandmaster Series DVD


    Cane / Hanbo Seminar
    October 11th  11am - 4pm

     GM Daniel Verkerke

    Click here to view Cane Hanbo Seminar 2008

    Click the Above banner for story and pictorial


    Grandmaster Sabree Selleh of the Malaysian Global Taekwon-Do
    Federation presenting GM. Daniel Verkerke with a beautiful
    Crystal statue from the Taekwon-Do Federation
    Malaysian Global Taekwon-Do Federation

    Grandmaster Sabree Salleh "center" personal student of the Founder of Taekwon-Do
    General Choi, pictured above after presenting Hon. 8th degree Black Belts in
    Taekwon-Do to Grandmaster's Daniel Verkerke and Ron Balas.  For more
    information on Taekwon-Do visit the Grandmaster Dato Sabree Selleh


    GM. Daniel Verkerke will be teaching a arm lock Seminar at the:

    International Mixed Martial Arts Association
    2008 Masters Gathering
    September 12th - 13th 2008  

    World Head of Family Sokeship Council
    Awards Banquet 2008
    San Antonio Texas, USA

    The head table of the Prestigious event from far left; Grandmasters Frank Sanchez,
    Phil Little, Daniel Verkerke, Sabree Selleh, Don Jacob, Don Warrener

    For Seicho Jutsu Pictorial Coverage
    Click here to view 2008 WHFSC Awards Ceremony

    World Head of Family Sokeship Council
    Seminar Symposium 2008
    San Antonio Texas, USA

    Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke demonstrating for the TV crews

    For Pictorial Coverage
    Click here to view 2008 WHFSC seminars Texas

    Welcome to the Seicho Jutsu
    Pictorial coverage for the

    Click here to view 2008 WHFSC Tournement Texas


    click photo to enlarge

    GM Daniel Verkerke was once again honored to meet the Honorable Stephen Harper
    Prime Minister of Canada. We would like to thank the Prime Ministers Office for this photo.



     March 29th, 2008 from 9:30am-1:00pm

    Location: Seicho Jutsu Institute of Advanced Studies

    Cambridge, Ontario

    Instructor Master Larry Myyra

    For Pictorial Coverage

    Click here to view 2008 Arm lock seminar coverage



    We are proud to present our latest DVD production for the New Year

    NEW RELEASE January 1st 2008


    This is an excellent example of Seicho Jutsu Defense with over 40 Self Defense scenarios covering hundreds of techniques. The DVD includes coverage from the Seicho Jutsu gathering of the Masters held the summer of 2007 and is now released for January 1st 2008

    To view video trailer and purchase online

    Click here View Self Defense Videos





    click to view full size

    November 13th. New article posted by Daniel Verkerke regarding Certification Diploma Mills

    Can money buy you honor, pride, respect and experience without putting in the time, sweat, work and dedication? It can be an honor to receive acknowledgement from your peers or superiors, but this honor can not substitute or replace knowledge, skill and experience. In today's quick fix fast food Society some people use a collection of certificates to hide behind. They use these certificates to hide their inadequacies so people will assume they have attained that level of knowledge, experience and skill. They will emphasize to everyone how much these certificates mean to them and how important it is to have them. The emphasis should be on the content of training, the mental development and physical skill of the instructors and students, not the paper.

    :  Click here to read article


    Counter and Escape
    Specialty Program for Women

    November 3rd 2007  10am - 3pm

    The C.S.D. Counter and Escape program is specially designed to be modified on-site for anyone regardless of size, strength or experience and focuses on using knowledge-as-power to overcome your attacker.
    You will learn realistic and effective defenses against common attacks used towards women such as:

    Hair pulling
    Threats with weapons
    Rape attempt scenarios

    Date: Saturday, November 3 Contact:

    Time: 10am � 3pm

    Where: Cambridge Tae Kwon Do 519 589 3111 or 519 624 8880
    1555 Bishop St. Unit 5
    Cambridge, Ont. Cost: $40.00 per person


    New Seicho Jutsu Black Belts

    Master Larry Myyra (center) conducted a 7 hour Black Belt Grading
    We would like to congratulate (from left) Timothy Young,
    Tony Chow, Todd A, and Subeer Bhandari on their well deserved grading.



    Seicho Jutsu Representative and State Director for N.V.S Master Edward Rose
    was featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune again in October. We congratulate
    Master Rose in his progress with the promotion of the Seicho Jutsu
    Non Violent System to Law Enforcement throughout PA.

    For further coverage


    Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke 2007 Asia tour

    Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr. George Chan Hong Nam who is also Minister
    of Industrial Development and Minister of Modernization of Agriculture is seen
    here appointing GM. Daniel Verkerke to the Advisory Council and Ambassador
    for Canada

    For more coverage of this ceremony with pictorial

    Click here to view 2007 Asia Ceremony

    Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke teaching a seminar to the Nanyang Wushu
    Federation students during his Asian tour.

    For more coverage of this seminar with pictorial

    Click here to view Asia 2007 Seminar

    Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke was a special guest at the
    Department of International Affairs
    in Kuala Lumpur where he attended a conference in planning the biggest
    martial arts event in Asia to take place Fall of 2008 with the support of the King.

    For more coverage of this Conference with pictorial

    Click here to view Grandmaster meeting in Asia 2007


    Seicho Jutsu Gathering of the Masters 2007

    Gathering of the Masters was held July 20th - 22nd at GM. Daniel Verkerke's home studio
    and the Seicho Jutsu Institute of Advanced Studies in Cambridge Ontario Canada.

    Our special honored guest's were; World Wrestling Champion Waldo Von Erich, Grandmaster's Ron Balas and Dennis Janes.
    This event was filmed with Senior Seicho Jutsu Black Belts performing their self defense routines as well as a sword fighting demonstration by  Daniel Verkerke and fellow black belts. The DVD will be available after Grandmaster Verkerke's Asian tour in August.

    To view pictorial coverage click here

    Click here to view Seicho Jutsu gathering of the Masters


    Seicho Jutsu Black Belt Grading 2007

    Group shot of Black Belt testing recipients.
    Pictured from left; Kapley Judge level 2, Trever Whittaker level 1,
    GM. Daniel Verkerke, Jake Westlake level 3, Michael Petrella level 2.

    For more coverage visit Click here to view Black Belt grading 2007


    Sensei Ben Jolicoeur personal student of Daniel Verkerke and chief Instructor of the Kootenai FreeStyle Jiu-Jitsu school in British Columbia came by to visit the Grandmaster and attend a senior Black belt class. During his visit he presented GM Verkerke with a KFJ t-shirt seen in the above picture.


    The Seicho Jutsu Institute of Advanced studies recently acquired a
    Professional fighting ring. This ring will be used for Emblem Theory
    Sparring as well as standard stand up ground fighting

    Come visit our pictorial introduction to the Facility

    This is a state of the art facility with over 1000 sq ft of high density mats,
    full nautilus training circuit, theory and practical aspects of all training including
    meditation and spiritual development.
    Visit the Institute


    World Head of Family Sokeship Council
    Awards Symposium 2007
    Orlando Florida, USA

    Seicho Jutsu representatives Larry Myyra, Kapley Judge, Daniel Verkerke and Michael Petrella
    posing for a picture with
    Gen.Alexander Retuinskih, GM Dan McEaddy "center".

    This was once again a fantastic event held by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council.

    For much more information and pictorial coverage please follow below link:

    Click here to view 2007 WHFSC awards Ceremony


    May 25th 2007
    World Head of Family Sokeship Council
    Seminar Symposium

    Orlando Florida, USA

    Seicho Jutsu Instructors gathered in Florida to demonstrate the
    Art before a group of International Grandmasters.

    Group picture of Grandmaster Instructors

    To view pictorial coverage of this great seminar

    Click here to view 2007 WHFSC Seminars


    2007 Newly Released

    Combat Sense Series

    To view intro clip

    .Combat Sense video clips

    2007 Production "Defending Against a Knife"
    By Daniel Verkerke with Kapley Judge

    The Knife is one of the deadliest weapons out there and unfortunately far to many people are not giving the blade it's due respect. In this episode we demonstrate how most of the self defense techniques being taught today will get the practitioner killed or seriously injured. We will demonstrate and explain the most practical ways to defend from an assortment of knife attacks, including reverse grips. Using Combat Sense you will develop a great awareness of possibilities which will most likely save your life some day, if ever your confronted with a knife wielding attacker.


    2007 Production "Defending from a Seated Position"
    By Daniel Verkerke with Michael Petrella

    In this production we cover various situations where and when your most vulnerable from a seated position and the best way to defend and counter.


    To view intro clip

    Combat Sense video clips

    2007 Production "Defending against Kickers"
    By Daniel Verkerke with Jake Westlake

    Learn to easily defeat a kicker. In this episode you will be taught the pros and cons of kicking. We demonstrate and explain the reasons why people kick. It is all about learning the positives and negatives to everything. People kicking have great vulnerabilities, and this is demonstrated with a various amount of kicks including spinning kicks. Once you learn the advantages and disadvantages you will easily be able to defend and beat a kicker.
    The only thing you need to develop is Combat Sense.
    Start your training today and become a part of the Combat Sense solution to self defense.


    2007 Production "Defending Attacks from Behind"
    By Daniel Verkerke with Kapley Judge

    During this lesson you will learn not only the most efficient and effective actions and reactions in dealing with attacks from behind, but you will also learn the mistakes people make in various other self defense systems. Combat Sense is the most realistic approach to Self Defense, and should be practiced by everyone interested in learning or teaching genuine self defense.
    This presentation accounts for the mind set of an attacker which will reflect the actions and reactions of the attacker. Please view this introductory clip to get a better understanding of why you should practice with Combat Sense.

    To view intro clip

    Combat Sense video clips


    To view intro clip

    Combat Sense video clips  

    2007 Production "Defending against Control Grabs"
    By Daniel Verkerke with Jake Westlake

    It will be easy to see how many common defenses are simply too slow or too dangerous to apply in a life-or-death situation. Combat Sense lesson will show you how to defend yourself in a hurry when you are grabbed by one wrist in-line with your opponent; one wrist when your opponent has to reach across their body; and by two wrists above and below your waist. By making you fully aware of all possible actions and reactions during a physical confrontations, you will be able to react with Combat Sense.


    2007 Production "Defending Frontal Assault"
    By Daniel Verkerke with Michael Petrella

    In this lesson you will be taught how to defend yourself in the fastest possible way, dispelling techniques that are too slow or just plain ineffective. Combat Sense solutions will be given to a number of attacks including punches, lapel grabs, full clinches, and even head butts to name a few.

    To view intro clip

    Combat Sense video clips


    Newly Released for 2007

    If your serious about groundfighting and want to improve your game, this DVD will surely be your inspiration. Grandmaster Verkerke demonstrates and explains the finer points of flowing techniques into another, using the resistance and counters your opponent.

    Featuring an amazing amount of ground techniques  for submitting your opponent. Main topics featured are: Arm & Wrist Locks, Chokes and Leg & Ankle Locks for ground fighting.

    To view video intro

    Click here to view video clip




    Daniel Verkerke felt privileged to meet the Minister of Justice and Attorney
    general of Canada during a dinner in his honour.


    Grandmaster Verkerke is happy to announce the birth of his Granddaughter Hailey Danielle, September 15th

    We would like to congratulate the proud parents Katie and Daniel Jr.



    Volume #5 2006

    Extreme Black Belt defense is "not for beginners or timid individuals." The moves are deadly, effective and reality based. Explosive action.. learn not to be a victim and see how you can protect yourself from an aggressive attacker.  

    The techniques are endless in demonstrating ways of self defense using hand and leg techniques against strikes, chokes, grabs and kicks.
     Counterattack techniques are tremendously effective and brilliantly executed to unleash some devastating and highly successful results.


    Click Here To View Preview


    June 23rd -25th

    Masters Gathering held at the personal studio of Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke
    was once again a huge success with 15 Senior Seicho Jutsu Black belts
    in attendance with guest Grandmasters Ron Balas and Louis Dabila

    Group picture of Senior Seicho Jutsu Black Belts

    Back row from left; Rob Fergusen, Mike Petrella, Ken Scott, Jake Westlake, Edward Wilson,
    Fred Renkowitz, Tony Reardon, Ryan Telfer. Front row left; Larry Myyra, Dawn Verkerke,
    Daniel Verkerke, Kapley Judge, Aubrey Millard and Lesa Park


    May 27th. 2006  12th Annual

    Sponsored by: World Head of Family Sokeship Council

    The WHFSC is the most prestigious Grandmaster Council in
    the World and is recognized Internationally for it's Elite membership.

    GM. Daniel Verkerke pictured on the left watching the audience and honorees from the head table.


    Daniel Verkerke congratulating student Kapley Judge in front of the packed filled Banquet Hall.

    For more pictures visit: Click here to view 2006 Achievement awards

    May 26th World Head of Family Sokeship Council
    Seminar Symposium

    Orlando Florida, USA

    Group picture of seminar instructors

    GM. Daniel Verkerke demonstrating proper technique for the crowd of spectators and participants. Shihan Larry Myyra was the attacker.


    Seicho Jutsu Instructors and participants in attendance from far left; Larry Myyra, Kapley Judge, Mohamed Iqbal, Daniel Verkerke, Michael Petralla, Lesa Park, Aubrey Millard, Edward Rose.


    For more pictures visit: Click here to view 2006 WHFSC Seminar


    Spring Millenium Invitaional Tournament
    Sunday April 30th

    It was another great weekend of Martial Arts friendship
    and brotherhood. This great tournament was hosted by
    Grandmasters Ron Balas and Dennis Janes. Seicho Jutsu
    Black Belts which helped officiate  GM. Daniel Verkerke, Shihan's
    Aubrey Millard, Edward Rose and Shodan Kapley Judge.

    Pictured from the left, Jack Buckley, Eddie Rose, Daniel Verkerke


    The Bleachers were full during the children's competition.


    Seicho Jutsu students Ryan Telfer and Lesa Park during the Self Defense competition performing there winning combinations. Ryan and Lesa are students of Shihan Aubrey Millard's Kitchener Ontario school.


    For more pictures of this event visit: Click here to view 2006 Ohio Tournament pics


    Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper with GM. Daniel Verkerke in 2005

    Millennium Masters Seminars & Invitational Tournament
    October  Cleveland Ohio

    Another great weekend in Cleveland, Daniel Verkerke, Aubrey Millard and Eddie
    Rose taught seminars back to back which lasted the whole day. The Millennium
    Invitational tournament was held the following day.

    Seminar participants.

    Tournament officials

    September24th Pittsburg PA 2005

    This seminar included representatives from Campus Police, Sheriffs Department,
    State Police and Private Security. During this seminar GM. Daniel Verkerke
    taught Law Enforcement Officers how to control an aggressors center of gravity
     without the necessity of strikes or kicks.



    for more pictures: Click here to view Law Enforcement Seminar April 2005

    September 2nd - 4th 2005
    W.H.F.S.C. Awards Ceremony & Seminars

    It was another busy weekend for GM. Daniel Verkerke in Orlando Florida.
    After conducting his seminar on redirection of energy utilizing body movements
    Mr. Verkerke also sat on the screening board reviewing new membership
    applicants. GM. Verkerke enjoyed the Awards ceremony and entertainment
    from the Head Table and participated in announcing awardees from the podium.

    Pictured during the seminar.

    During the award ceremony


    For more pictures visit:  Click here to view WHFSC Awards Ceremony

    July 20th - August 8th  2005
    GM. Daniel Verkerke's Asian Tour

    During this tour Mr. Verkerke was teaching in, Singapore, Borneo,
    and Kuala Lumpur with visits to Tokyo and Taipei. For further coverage visit:

    Click here for pictorial coverage


    June 24 -26 / 2005 Gathering of the Masters Cambridge Ontario

    The annual meeting of the Masters were held at  GM. Verkerke  studio in Cambridge. Grandmaster and Masters in attendance were Eddie Rose, Ron Balas, Dennis Janes, Dawn Verkerke, Daniel Verkerke, Rob Fergeson, Luis Dabila, Jake Westlake, Aubrey Millard & Dan McEaddy.

    Masters and Grandmasters in attendance

    May 15th 2005 Ohio Tournament

    GM. Daniel Verkerke presenting 1st place Black Belt division medal to Master Hodgkiss

    Master Aubrey Millard and his winning students pose with Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke

    2005 April 23rd  GM. Daniel Verkerke will be teaching in PA. USA

    for further information visit: Click here to view Camp Spears event with Circle of Masters

    Picture of Demonstrators


    GM. Stan Triplett, Master Chuck Chobot, GM. Dan McEaddy, 
    & GM. Daniel Verkerke pose for a picture after the big event.

    April 21st. 2005 Seminar for the Pittsburgh Sheriff's Department.

    Deputy Sheriff Eddie Rose thanking GM. Daniel Verkerke for the NVS seminar.

    GM. Verkerke teaching controlling techniques with the retractable baton.


    For further coverage visit the News section at: Click here to view 2005 Sheriff Department Seminar


    SEPTEMBER 4, 2004 Rescheduled to October 24, 2004 due to Hurricane Frances

    Grandmaster Verkerke experienced his 1st hurricane while stranded in Orlando during hurricane Frances. There was a state of emergency and everything was closed. The rescheduled event went great in the end of October. GM. Daniel Verkerke served on the examining board for new members and was seated at the head table once again during the banquet.


    Grandmaster Verkerke demonstrating techniques during the gathering of masters held in Cambridge. Pictured left; Shihan Eddie Rose of the PA, Sheriffs department. center; GM. Daniel Verkerke, right Dai Soke Aubrey Millard.

    GM. Daniel Verkerke took some time off of his busy schedule this year to experience his quest  to learn how to fly. He became a member of the Waterloo Wellington Flight Center and took flying lessons throughout the summer. This prevented him from his usual tour dates, but he felt it was well worth it.


    GM. Daniel Verkerke has agreed to endorse THE POST
    The Post is a exerciser stretcher designed  by World Famous Wrestling Legend Waldo Von Erich who was  the World Heavy weight Champion during the late 60's early 1970's. GM. Verkerke is to be featured in commercials & infomercials advertising this new stretch and exercising machine

    links to world heavy weight champion Waldo Von Erich;



    Grandmaster Dan Verkerke shown with Professional Wrestling Legend, Waldo Von Erich (CANADA



    GM Verkerke was busy again filming his latest instructional production on Seicho Jutsu Sword applications. This production which is now available on DVD features Revolutionary Sword Techniques and is over an hour long. These techniques will develop the ability to be proficient with any type of sword. In the future we will have a video clip for this DVD here.


    March 22 2003 Cambridge, Ontario. Seicho Jutsu seminar covering Reversals and Counters to throws and take downs. Hosted by the Jiko Ryu . Conducted by GM. Daniel Verkerke. For further information or reservation. "Click on the Pictures below"


    Master Aubrey Millard assisted Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke during an Emblem Theory Seminar in Mississauga Ontario.  Participants are seen here to the right.

    April 26 2003  GM Verkerke taught in England. This seminar was hosted by TY-GA Karate at the Kensington Leisure Centre, London UK. Topics taught: A.C.C. Advanced Confrontational Combinations. For more information or reservations: 

    Pictires taken while teaching TY-GA Black Belts

    May 31 2003 Kitchener Ontario. GM Verkerke taught a Hanbo / Cane seminar. This seminar is hosted by the Jiko Ryu. Pictures below.

    June 21st 2003 Timmerman's KJMS, Sault Ste Marie. Topic:> EMBLEM THEORY - Master, Manipulate and Control an opponents center of  gravity. These techniques utilizing the Emblem Theory allows the  practitioner total control over the opponents force.
    GM. Verkerke will  teach control over force and gravity by way of legs, hips and  shoulders.

     GM Timmerman highly recommends this seminar to students of all ranks.

    Picture of seminar participants

    June 27 - 29 2003 Cambridge Ontario. Exclusive annual meeting of the Grandmasters. Private gathering filmed for the Martial Arts Show.

    Masters and Grandmaster who performed for the Gathering.

    July 12 -13 2003 Las Vegas Nevada Honored by Hawaii Martial Arts International Society for International Grandmaster of the Year

    July 30 - August 7 GM. Verkerke was in Asia conducting seminars, demonstrations as well as being honored at the Black Belt Hall of Fame for "Grandmaster of the Year" representing Canada.

    To read a brief coverage of the Asia trip visit: Word Document Asia Trip

    To view pictorial coverage of Asia trip: ../gallery/asia2003.htm



    Canadian edition

    Click here to view coverage

    Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski 10th Dan
    Founder of TY-GA Karate International

    June 22nd. 2002 Seminar

    Click here to view coverage


    June 19th. 2002 Seminar

    Grandmaster Dr. Dan R. Mc Eaddy
    Founder Angelic Ninjutsu

    Click here to view coverage

    2001soo.jpg (28583 bytes)

    Saturday October 13 2001 Seicho Jutsu Kama System Seminar in Sault Ste. Marie. Sitting on chairs from the right. GM. Daniel Verkerke, GM. Rudy Timmerman and Sensei Aubrey Millard.

    Saturday September 01 2001 Seicho Jutsu Kama Seminar in Orlando FL. Hosted by the WHFSC's 7TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS/ SEMINAR SYMPOSIUM 

    (To View Coverage)

    Saturday July 14 2001 Seicho Jutsu Kama System Seminar in Easton PA. Hosted by Grandmaster Stan Triplett's Martial Arts Academy. Grandmaster Verkerke taught  many variations of strikes, controlling and finishing techniques

    (To View Coverage)

     Saturday April 14 2001 This was Thee Martial Arts Grand event for the city of Cambridge.

    In attendance were 4 Grandmaster members of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council which consist of the most elite, acknowledged and respected martial arts Grandmasters Internationally renowned. 

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     Thursday April 12 2001 Grandmaster Dan R. Mc Eaddy Seminar

    This was an amazing seminar conducted by Ninjutsu Grandmaster and President of the Circle of Masters Dr. Dan McEaddy. Mr. McEaddy began his seminar with an introduction and explanation of his style of Ninjutsu followed by some extremely painful techniques covering the touching arts based from poison hand. 

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     September 2000

    Demonstrations / Seminars that were put on by the various Grand Masters this year were excellent.
    There were Grand Masters from the Phillipines, Isreal, Europe, Russia, South America, the US and Canada.
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     June 1999 Combat Arts Course

    Basic training level 1 course features coverage of the basic training level 1 course held at the Seicho Jutsu Hombu Dojo.

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     1998 News and events coverage IFMAO and Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke

    Coverage from the 97 Circle of Master Hall of Fame, 98 Masters Legends and Pioneers Hall of Fame and the 98 WHFSC International Hall of Fame.

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     1997 News and events coverage Seicho Jutsu and Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke

    Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke, Instructors and Junior Instructors assembled together to demonstrate a variety of self defense scenarios which demonstrate the art of Seicho Jutsu.   

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Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development