Asia 2007 Seminar Symposium

Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke center table addressing the crowd.

Grandmaster and Master instructors from Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, USA,  New Zealand,
  India, Canada, Switzerland and Malaysia performed seminars during this historic event.

Pictured from the opposite side during question period.

Pictures from Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke's seminar below

Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke was teaching practical application to sticking
and redirection of energy during his seminar.

Demonstrating how to defend using only one hand against his attackers two.

Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke poses with Prof Dr. Song Swee Hee
President of Nanyang Wushu Federation and Grandmaster
Hong Seung Kil, President of the Korean Hapkido Martial Arts Soodokwan
after the seminars were conducted.


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2007 Asia trip



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