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    Daniel Verkerke


Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski 10th Dan
Founder of TY-GA Karate International

June 22nd. 2002 Seminar

GM Wasniewski is one of the top kickers in the world and has won many European and World championships. During the course of the seminar GM Wasniewski talked about and demonstrated Stretching, kicking exercises, Self Defense and sparring techniques. This was Gm Wasniewski's first trip to Canada and it may be a while before he comes back so all who attended were very glad that they did.
A big thanks goes out to Sensei Aubrey Brawley from the Koshin Kan Dojo for letting us use his school to hold the event in Kitchener Ontario.


Seminar Clip # 1

Seminar Clip # 2

 fullgroup2.jpg (64268 bytes)

Group Shot with those in attendance.

SeichoBB.jpg (46094 bytes)

GM. Wasniewski posses with some of the Seicho Jutsu Black Belts.

TYGA01.jpg (45801 bytes)

You wear that Side Kick well.

TYGA05.jpg (33251 bytes)

Round house to the back of the head.

JAandGary.jpg (43218 bytes)

GM. Wasniewski demonstrates with Aubrey Millard and Jacques Morin.

JAandGary2.jpg (43375 bytes)

TYGA06.jpg (41687 bytes)

GM. Verkerke (far right) introduces guest Grandmasters to the attendees.

TYGA10.jpg (40835 bytes)

TYGA11.jpg (44258 bytes)

TYGA12.jpg (49586 bytes)

TYGA13.jpg (48273 bytes)

Hope you enjoyed our photo coverage.

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