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The COMBAT SENSE Solution to Self Defense

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Close Quarter Confrontations
Defending The Frontal Assault

Congratulations! You have taken the first steps in assuring yourself total domination over any attacker. In this lesson you will be presented with a variety of common attacks as well as a variety common defenses for those attacks, as dictated in the curriculums of various martial arts systems. The Combat Sense Solution will then show you how and why these commonplace techniques will fail on the street when you are confronted with a real-life situation and a real-life attacker. Then you will be shown a variety of Combat Sense Solutions to the same attacks that are so simple in nature you will be surprised you didn't think of them first.

In this lesson you will be taught how to defend yourself in the fastest possible way, dispelling techniques that are too slow or just plain ineffective. Combat Sense solutions will be given to a number of attacks including punches, lapel grabs, full clinches, and even head butts to name a few.




Defending Wrist Controls

   In lesson 2 Combat Sense solutions will be presented for situations where your attacker grabs you by one or both wrists in an effort to control you.  As usual Combat Sense will debunk any notions that fancy techniques and counters that work in the dojo, will work on someone who is intent on beating you into a pulp.  Combat Sense will be applied in all the attacks and defenses in this lesson to illustrate the effectiveness or ineffectiveness all of the techniques herein.

   It will be easy to see how many common defenses are simply too slow or too dangerous to apply in a life-or-death situation.  Combat Sense lesson 2 will show you how to defend yourself in a hurry when you are grabbed by one wrist in-line with your opponent; one wrist when your opponent has to reach across their body; and by two wrists above and below your waist.  By making you fully aware of all possible actions and reactions during a physical confrontations, you will be able to move with Combat Sense as well.




Defending Attacks from Behind

During this lesson you will learn not only the most efficient and effective actions and reactions in dealing with attacks from behind, but you will also learn the mistakes people make in various other self defense systems. Combat Sense is the most  realistic approach to Self Defense, and should be practiced by everyone interested in learning or teaching genuine self defense.

This presentation accounts for the mind set of an attacker which will reflect the actions and reactions of the attacker.  We understand that anyone can write fantastic hype to sell most anything.  Therefore we have provided a video introduction for all our episodes. Please view this introductory clip to get a better understanding of why you should practice Combat Sense





Defending against Kickers

Learn to easily defeat a kicker. In this episode you will be taught the pros and cons of kicking. We demonstrate and explain the reasons why people kick. It is all about learning the positives and negatives to everything. People kicking have great vulnerabilities, and this is demonstrated with a various amount of kicks including spinning kicks. Once you learn the advantages and disadvantages you will easily be able to defend and beat a kicker.
The only thing you need to develop is Combat Sense.
Start your training today and become a part of the Combat Sense solution to self defense



Defending from a Seated Position

Episode 5 demonstrates some of the most effective ways to defend yourself from a seated position,
either at a bar or table . Defending while seated in a car is also included in this episode.



Defending Against a Knife

The Knife is one of the deadliest weapons out there and unfortunately far to many people are not giving the blade it's due respect. In this episode we demonstrate how most of the self defense techniques being taught today will get the practitioner killed or seriously injured. We will demonstrate and explain the most practical ways to defend from an assortment of knife attacks, including reverse grips. Using Combat Sense you will develop a great awareness of possibilities which will most likely save your life some day, if ever your confronted with a knife wielding attacker.

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