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 March 29th, 2008
Held at the Seicho Jutsu Institute
Cambridge Ontario Canada


Please enjoy the pictorial coverage of this seminar which was conducted by Master Larry Myyra.

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All martial artists welcome!


Location: Seicho Jutsu Institute of Advanced Studies

Cambridge, Ontario

Regardless of your experience, style, knowledge or skill-level.

This is an intensive hands-on workshop focusing on the secrets to armlock application and counters.

Learn not only how to survive a violent street encounter, but how to successfully beat a professional fighter.

Come join us and improve your MMA the Seicho Jutsu way!

To reserve your spot email Master Larry Myyra

Cost: $40.00 per person
Instructors and Law Enforcement personnel: $30.00




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Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
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