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Internationally recognized Martial Arts Instructor Larry Myyra has progressively trained in the arts for over 27 years. He has trained as a direct personal student under Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke in the art of Seicho Jutsu and studied other arts such as Grappling, Judo, Kendo, Kickboxing and the Philippine arts. His current rankings include: a Shihan (Master Teacher's License) in Seicho Jutsu and an Honorary Certified Martial Arts Instructor Recognition certificate from the Scientific Martial Arts International Association. Mr. Myyra is also the founder and chief educator of the Non Violent Art of Defense Enforcement System. "NVADES" is an intensive and client-customized hands on approach to conflict resolution based on the principles of Seicho Jutsu, and is taught throughout Ontario to a wide diversity of martial artists, and professionals who are employed in dangerous high risk occupations such as security and law enforcement. Shihan Myyra is an inductee in the World Head of Family Sokeship Council's " International Martial Arts Hall of Fame " (Master Instructor of the Year, Sept.1996), and is a certified member of The Circle of Masters. Mr. Myyra is the chief instructor of the Yamabushi Kai Combat Arts Dojo where he personally instructs Seicho Jutsu to teens and adults who possess a passion for developing themselves physically, mentally and spiritually through a dynamic combination of fitness, self defence and holistic self development.

Training References

1989 - Excepted as a personal student of Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke

Master Myyra became a part of Grandmaster Verkerke's family and
began training everyday with the Grandmaster and Senior level students.
Totally amerced in the art he trained pretty much morning, noon
and night as a completely devoted and dedicated student.


Highlights for 1990


In 1990 Master Myyra received his level 1 Black Belt and began to assist the Grandmaster during his seminars. The picture to the left was taken at the Stewart Avenue school.  At that time Master Myyra became an assistant Instructor to Master Varga who was then the senior Master level student under Grandmaster Verkerke.

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Master Larry Myyra is seen in the video clip to the right assisting Grandmaster Verkerke again in 1990 during a 4 day Seicho Jutsu demonstration in Kitchener Ontario.


 Highlights for 1991


Master Myyra took over the children's class from Master Varga
and began teaching his own classes at the Stewart Avenue
school in Cambridge, Ontario Canada .


 Highlights for 1992


Master Myyra appeared on TV for the 1st time with Grandmaster Verkerke in 1992.

Pictured left is a small clip of the interview and demonstration.



 Highlights for 1993


This was an incredible year for Master Myyra. He became a part of Seicho Jutsu History
when Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke decided to put his art on Video.

Master Myyra assisted Grandmaster Verkerke with the instructional video on level 1 Black Belt requirements.

View Clip to the right


level 1

The Grandmaster had a couple books published in the 1980's but felt the information
would be conveyed much better with video. The production of these video are now
part of the Seicho Jutsu Archives and are still a great resource of Knowledge which
also demonstrate the growth and development in this art.

"Video left" Master Myyra assisting Grandmaster Verkerke in the Seicho Jutsu Instructional Knife fighting video 1993


Video to the right, Master Myyra assisting Grandmaster Verkerke in the instructional Hanbo / Cane video 1993

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Video to the left, Master Myyra assiting Grandmaster Verkerke with the Instructional Nunchaku video 1993

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Video to the right, Master Myyra can be seen demonstrating double sticks with Grandmaster Verkerke.  1993

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 Highlights for 1994


Clip to be posted Master Myyra assisted the Grandmaster in the Production of the "Emblem Theory" which is the foundation to the art of Seicho Jutsu. 1994


Master Myyra assisted the Grandmaster with the Advanced Arm Lock seminar.

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Participants of the Advanced Arm Lock Course

Master Larry Myyra also participated in the fight choreographing classes in 1994 conducted by Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke.

Clips from students practicing seen left.


 Highlights for 1995


Master Myyra assisted Grandmaster Verkerke's with the fight choreographing again in 1995. This is always allot of fun and lets the students learn to react in different environments.



 Highlights for 1996


Clip to be posted Master Myyra promoted a Seicho Jutsu seminar /  demonstration for the multi-cultural festival in 1996 and performed on stage in Victoria Park, Kitchener Ontario. Grandmaster Verkerke attended this great demo along with some of the other senior Seicho Jutsu students.

Master Larry Myyra proudly poses with his Black Belt
Students after there 8 hour grading in 1996.  Congratulations
goes to students Ed Wilson and Jacques Morin

Shihan Jeff Speakman with Shihan Larry Myyra at the World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame in Jacksonville Florida in 1996

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Shihan Myyra received Master Instructor of the Year, Seicho Jutsu in 1996





 Highlights for 1997


Master Myyra attended the Seicho Jutsu Black Belt Defense with a couple of his students who performed for the Grandmaster along with him.

View video clip

Group shot 1997 Seicho Jutsu Black Belts. Master
level students Steve Hankins to the right Of Grandmaster Verkerke
and Master Larry Myyra to the left.


Master Larry Myyra promoted the Seicho Jutsu Seminar and demonstration
once again for the multi-cultural festival in Kitchener Ontario. Grandmaster
Daniel Verkerke and senior Black belts were present.

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Shihan Larry Myyra



Shihan Steven Hankins



Shihan Aubrey Millard 


Dawn Verkerke




Jake Westlake




Jeremy Dancey


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Edward Wilson



Shihan Edward Rose






Level 4 Master instructors listed from recent to past. Shihan Master Black Belt

Aubrey Millard 2003

Fred Renkowitz 2001

Stephen Hankins 1996

Larry Myyra 1995

Angie Varga 1989

Level 3 Advanced instructors listed from recent to past. Senior Black Belt

Jacques Morin 2002

Dawn Marsh 2002

Rob Fergusen 1999

Mark VanDyke 1988

Level 2 instructors listed from recent to past. Advanced Black belt

Jake Westlake 2005

Jeremy Dancey 2003

Ben Jolicoeur 1999

Boris Malikavec 1990

Alan Goodley 1989

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Damond Jameson 1988

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Ed Wilson 1999

Tyler Murphy 1992

Mike Quinney 1991

Travis Bunyun TJ 1991

James Bond III 1990

John Babister 1990

Saywack Persuade 1989

Bruce Misuda 1989


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