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Ground Fighting & Throws

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If your serious about groundfighting and want to improve your game, this video will surely be your inspiration. Grandmaster Verkerke demonstrates and explains the finer points of flowing techniques into another, using the resistance and counters your opponent.

Leg locks, Chokes, Arm and wrist locks. For anyone interested in advancing there ground game this Instructional video should prove to be a great inspiration. There is always a quick review of some of the basics. Then follow up techniques are provided utilizing the Seicho Jutsu concepts of moving with and redirecting energy. Daniel Verkerke's ground fighting began in 1973 while studying Judo. In 1981 he began teaching while serving in the Armed Forces. The Seicho Jutsu concepts of ground fighting became an integral part of the system in 1983 and have been taught ever since


Throw Reversals


 This is a class on Throw Reversals taught by Daniel Verkerke in 2003 at his private studio in Cambridge, Ontario. Here GM Verkerke is teaching the principals for basic counters to many of the traditional throws taught in Martial Arts.

Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development