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Daniel Verkerke


In today's Society of Paper Mill Masters, it is very important to have
video footage of your history and techniques. There really is no excuse
not to have this, as VHS has been around since the 80's and prior
to that 8mm film was easily assessable. It's probably one of the only
ways you can date someone's skill level.

Enjoy this full 10 minute Seicho Jutsu Presentation


Grandmaster Daniel Verkere demonstrates with Master Aubrey Millard
many aspects of Seicho Jutsu throughout this Music Video. The story
behind this video is: Grandmaster Dan R. McEaddy wrote and produced
this song as a gift for GM. Verkerke. In return Daniel Verkerke added
techniques and presented the music video back to GM. McEaddy.

  This video was taken at a martial arts charity event in 2000. Grandmaster Verkerke and his Senior Black Belt students; Steve Hankins, Fred Renkowitz, Rob Ferguson, Dawn Marsh, Aubrey Millard, and Ben Jolicure dedicated their time to perform at this charitable event. This event was also aired on TV. As a result of this, Dawn Marsh was also featured in the newspaper for her performance.


In 1992 GM Daniel Verkerke filmed a lecture series covering many of his thoughts and philosophies. This is a clip sharing some of his thoughts on Perception.

Seicho Jutsu is an art of Self Development, and the mental, philosophical aspects play a great role.



  This is a clip from the "Advanced Ground Fighting" DVD. In case you were not aware, Grandmaster Verkerke's 1st training in the Martial Arts was Judo and he was a member of the Ontario Judo Black Belt Association throughout the mid 1970's. He has continued his grappling and throwing training, developing and creating an amazing assortment of variations and techniques.

You can purchase this DVD at: 


This is a 3 part story which starts with the clip to the right, followed by the bottom left then bottom right.

Each clip is approximately 9 minutes long.

The story / lecture was written and filmed by Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke in 1992, and shares his analogy between martial arts training and life.

Martial Artist train for various reasons, if your involvement has become a way of Life I'm sure you'll enjoy this story.



  This video features Master Aubrey Millard, who is the 5th student of Grandmaster Verkerke's to reach Master level. This is only a small clip of a great double DVD set covering; Holds - Arm Locks - Leg Locks - Chokes - Takedowns - Throws - and reversals. Grandmaster Verkerke highly recommends this double disc set to all beginning students who want to learn Groundfighting.

You can purchase this DVD at:


This clip is from an Advanced Arm Lock seminar conducted by Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke in 1995.

This seminar is the most sought after DVD in the market covering Advanced Arm Locks. It features an amazing amount of variations and counters which will prepare you for all situations

You can purchase this DVD at:



  This clip on Throw reversals was filmed at the private studio of Grandmaster Verkerke. In attendance were students of Master Millard's Kitchener school who came to learn some advanced reversals.

This seminar is available on DVD and features Endless possibilities of defense, counterattacks, with combination techniques to flow with your opponents force and redirect it back on them.

You can purchase this DVD at:


GM. Daniel Verkerke demonstrates some finer points to knife fighting before members of the Grandmasters Council in Orlando FL. 2002

These techniques demonstrate how dangerous it can be to try and disarm someone who knows how to handle a knife.



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These are experts. Trying to copy these techniques will result in injury.


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Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
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