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There is no formal rank grading system in the Combat Arts Club. For those who do not have a martial arts background, we conduct basic training programs once a month. For more information on our Combat Arts Programs (refer to C.A.P.).
Since many Martial Art schools teach these same techniques, it is easy for an experienced martial artist to gain acknowledgement and recognition for their present knowledge and skill.


The military system of structure has proven itself to be the most efficient and effective system of organization that we are aware of. Because of this we have adapted the same chain of command.
Do not confuse the military structure with the platform commands of a God. Our Club is more of a social setting in which combat martial artists join together on an equal basis.

Creating or receiving a title such as: Section Commander, Platoon Commander, Company Commander, Battalion Commander, or Regimental Commander does not give any one God like power. It just means that person has greater leadership ability as well as responsibility.

The job of any Commander is to help organize and guide the individuals which they are responsible for helping. You could be the greatest combat fighter in the world without receiving a Commanders Title. The Commanders Titles are for those who can organize and help others, not boss or control others.

Any person with the knowledge and skill requirements for basic training level: 1, 2, & 3 is qualified to form a section and become a Section Commander. If you have good leadership qualities and all ready have a group of friends who would be interested, you can still be their leader and go through your training together.

A Section Commander is responsible for organizing and helping guide and teach up to 12 members in their section of the Combat Arts Club.

A Platoon Commander is responsible for organizing and helping guide and teach 3 Section Commanders. (This means that after 12 members you formed 3 sections consisting of at least 4 members per section). Since you are now only responsible for 3 members there is no excuse for not keeping in close contact with your 3 Section Commanders. This is the key for maintaining organization and having a solid strong Platoon.

A Company Commander is responsible for organizing and helping guide and teach 3 Platoon Commanders.
Many organizations have crumbled due to one person trying to be responsible for too many people. Any person who was once responsible for organizing and helping guide and teach 12 members should not have a problem to keep in close contact with only 3 Platoon Commanders.
This chain of command has to be kept very seriously for all to grow and enjoy our Great Club.

For further information regarding titles as Battalion, or Regimental Commanders please feel free to contact the Combat Arts Club at: soke@bushido.org



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