Combat Arts Programs


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We have various Intensive Combat Arts Programs designed to suit our members
individual needs.


BASIC TRAINING > There are three levels of basic training in the Combat Arts Program. Courses will be made available throughout the year. Basic training level 1, 2, & 3 consist of Kicks, Strikes, Blocks, Breakfalls and Throws. Each level is taught during a 5 hour training session.
If your interested in booking or signing up for one of our Basic training courses, e-mail us to make arrangements at:

ADVANCED TRAINING > We feature many advanced training courses throughout the year. 1) Advanced Arm Locks, 2) Ground fighting, Chokes & Take downs 3) Knife 4) Cane / 3ft.staff 5) Double Sticks - two 26 inch sticks.
Each course requires 5 hours training. The courses usually start at 10:00am. -  12:00pm. Then carry on from 1pm. - 4:00pm.

If you are interested in attending one of our courses or wish to host a course and have one of our qualified Instructors teach at your location please contact us to make arrangements at:

INSTRUCTORS COURSES > After successfully completing a course you may apply for an Instructors Certification Course. During this course you will be taught various ways to teach each technique and will be tested for proficiency. After this you will be certified to teach as a representative for the Combat Arts Club. As any one can teach what ever they want for their own group, section or school.


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