Combat Arts Club


We welcome all Martial Arts schools and practitioners who are interested in joining our Combat Arts Club


Seicho Jutsu Canada formed the Combat Arts Club to
fulfill the needs of many people who wish to learn only practical, direct and effective Combat style street self

All classes, courses and commands are taught in English. No one is asked to kneel down or bow and everyone is treated equally.

We stress pure self defense, no sport, point or twirling
aerial techniques.

We are not concerned with arguing about the past, and of who, what, when or where.
Our main concern is teaching for the present. What works now, why or how it does work, when and where you would use these techniques in various situations.

If you are interested in straight Combat Self Defense and do not wish to spend your time performing Katas, Forms, or learning a complete Martial Arts system then we have the Club to suit you.

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91 Water St. (s)
Cambridge, Ontario
Canada, N1R-3E1


Phone: (519) 622-2748
Fax: (519) 622-4848


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