Combat Arts Club


Combat Arts Director Daniel Verkerke
Battalion Commander "Chameleons"

Stephen Hankins, Company Commander "Chameleons"

Fred Renkewitz, Company Commander "Chameleons"

Rob Ferguson, Company Commander "Chameleons"

Dawn Marsh, Platoon Commander "Chameleons"

Shayne Reid, Platoon Commander "Chameleons"

Tony Reardon, Platoon Commander "Chameleons"

Brian Drake, Platoon Commander "Chameleons"

Kevin Bickford, Platoon Commander "Chameleons"

Mark Evans, Platoon Commander "Chameleons"

Raymond Bickford, Platoon Commander "Chameleons"

Tom Pace, Platoon Commander "Chameleons"

Richard Robichaud, Platoon Commander "Chameleons"

Lynda Watson, Section Commander "Chameleons"

Mathew Falkiner, Section Commander "Chameleons"

Daniel Verkerke Jr., Section Commander "Chameleons"

Luke Verkerke, Section Commander "Chameleons"

Aubrey Millard, Section Commander "Chameleons"

Glen Lockwood, Member "Chameleons"

Mike Permes, Member "Chameleons"

Jeannette Verkerke, Member "Chameleons"

Kelly Keenleyside, Member "Chameleons"

Ben Jolicoeur, Member "Chameleons"

Fabian Jolicoeur, Member "Chameleons"

Neil Cameron, Member "Chameleons"

Luzi Schaerer, Member "Chameleons"

Damian Weber, Member "Chameleons"

Troy Weber, Member "Chameleons"

Kirk Simmons, Member "Chameleons"

Francisco Monsalve, Member "Chameleons"

To members not listed as of yet, please have patients, we will be updating shortly



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