Circle of Masters

International Circle of Masters

Pyramid Training

This program is designed for individuals who are preparing to be elevated in rank to third dan or individuals who have already received Master level but have not received this training. This training is offered to individuals of any martial arts style.

The training is given by a certified Circle of Master - Pyramid Training Instructor. The course is usually delivered over a ten week period. Each session is approximately one hour in length and the participant is expected to take notes and audio tape the session.

During the week after each session, the participant is expected to type the notes from the previous session. At the next session, the participant is expected to bring a copy of his/her notes for the instructor, as well a copy of the audio cassette.

To assure that each Pyramid Trainer is teaching the same concepts regardless of what continent they are from, each Circle of Master Instructor must;

Attend Pyramid Instructor Training

Obtain and follow the Circle of Master Instructor - Guideline package.