Circle of Masters

International Circle of Masters

Advisory Board

Our advisory board consist of members who have reached a higher level of mental, philosophical and spiritual understanding of Life.
All members of the Circle of Masters may contact advisory board members for guidance.



International President
Dan McEaddy 973-926-9507
1459 Leslie St.
Hillside, N.J. 07205  

International Vice President
Daniel Verkerke 519-622-2748
91 Water St. (s)
Cambridge, Ontario Canada N1R-3E1

International Secretary and PA State Representative
Grandmaster: Stan Triplett 610-253-3631
1508 Sullivan Trail
Easton PA 18040

Canadian Ambassador
Grandmaster: Rudy Timmerman
181 Gore St.
Sault Ste. Marie P6A 1M4

USA Ambassador
Thomas Hargrove
p.o. box 749
Union, New Jersey 07017

Identifying Members of the Circle of Masters: Anyone who is identified as a possible member of the Circle of Masters, must have an existing member of the Circle of Masters nominate him/her for the position. The nomination must be in writing and sent to the Circle of Master’s Headquarters. Upon receipt of the request, it will be forwarded to the Chairperson for review. The Circle of Masters Headquarters address is as follows: Circle of Masters - Headquarters 1506 Marigold Drive, Forks Plaza Easton, PA. 18040 Each nominee’s background will be reviewed with the individuals nominating him/her for membership. Approval of two Masters and the Chairperson are required for membership. (The Chairperson may be one of the two Masters mentioned.) Identifying Directors: Board of Directors are appointed after a vote from Grandmaster Dan McEaddy (founder of the Circle of Masters) and two other board members. Each board member must be an individual of high integrity, demonstrate respect when discussing issues, and share a common vision of the future.