Circle of Masters

International Circle of Masters


Pyramid Training:


1st Session:  

Participants will begin a personal search of "who they are".   They will be asked to identify their purpose in life and to focus their actions in developing themselves.  In addition, there will be discussions regarding what a "Master" is and how a Master should act.


2nd Session:  


3rd Session:  

4th Session:


5th Session:


6th Session:


7th Session:

  • This session will be a continuation of the study of self
  • Participants will learn about the connection of physics and their self study.
  • Participants will learn about the story of eagles.


8th Session:


9th Session:

Written test to reflect the understanding of the concepts of the training.





All members are invited to share their notes which were taken during Spiritual Session  classes. Please don't be shy, we should all do our best at trying to inspire and share knowledge. To submit your notes for inclusion please e-mail them to:

Access to these notes are only made available to members. If you are a member and would like to view past spiritual sessions please contact a member of the Advisory Board.