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    Daniel Verkerke


Below features coverage of the arm lock course held September 26 / 99.

Daniel Verkerke (L) demonstrates a bent arm lock with Rob Ferguson.

Tony Reardon pulling up on the wrist of Aubrey Millard.

Tony finishes by steping around Aubrey's other arm while placing his knee behind Aubrey's back followed by pulling back on the arm/wrist.

Rob Ferguson is having fun pulling on the ear of Matt Falkiner while
applying a bent arm lock.

Daniel Verkerke steps behind Aubrey Millard's leg while applying another variation of a bent arm lock..

Daniel Verkerke Jr. (R) is stepping around the outside of Matt Falkiner positioning himself to apply a straight arm bar.

Daniel Verkerke Jr. is pulling up on the arm of Matt Falkiner while applying his body weight across the elbow joint.

Tables have turned. Matt Falkiner has steped around the arm of Daniel Verkerke Jr. positioning himself to apply the arm bar.

Matt steps behind Daniels leg while pulling Daniel's arm across his body applying his body weight downward over Daniels elbow joint.

Tony Reardon grabs Daniel Verkerke's wrist and attempts to punch him. Daniel blocks the punch by raising his elbow, steping around the punching arm reaching up with his free hand grabing the wrist.

After grabing the wrist Daniel rolls his elbow over the arm and applies presure to the elbow joint

Rob Ferguson (L) has Tony Reardon in a bent arm lock, which was followed by a knee to the face and a face plant to the ground.

Tony Reardon (L) applying a straight arm lock on Aubrey Millard.



Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
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