Many martial art systems have originated in various countries all over the world. We are proud to present to Canada an art which was founded and originated in our very own Country.
   Canada's multiculturalism provided a great wealth of information, influence and inspiration to develop a most effective, efficient and complete martial arts system which covers all aspects of self defense and personal development , including physical condition, mental control and spiritual awareness.
   The dynamic and unique art of Seicho Jutsu, which literally translated means "The Art of Growing" which refers to the growth and development of oneself was formulated, created and developed by Soke Daniel L. Verkerke through many years of total devotion to the essence of this art.
   Seicho Jutsu, which is recognized as a Canadian world class martial art, has been taught in Canada since 1981 and has since expanded internationally.
   Because of Seicho Jutsu's inherent diversity and tremendous variations of it's uses which can be utilized in everyday life, it will not only aid the individual to attain the skills necessary to build the foundation from which to develop the highest personal level of proficiency and excellence possible, but also will be a great benefit to Law enforcement, security and educational systems throughout the country.





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