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Daniel Verkerke

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Daniel Verkerke of Cambridge is a Internationally renowned martial arts master , lecturer and philosopher, who has devoted his life to helping others achieve physical, mental and spiritual development. He is the Canadian Ambassador for the I.M.A.R.I. in Malaysia, Serves as the Communications manager for the most prestigious Grandmaster's council in the world and holds the position as International Vice President for the Circle of Masters.

He is most noted for creating a Canadian martial arts system which has gained International recognition and acceptance. His expertise and services are in constant demand by many organizations around the globe.

Mr. Verkerke an expert in both Offensive and Defense Martial Arts started training in 1973 and began  Instructing his system in 1981. Since then he has taught and inspired thousands through his over 20 years of experience teaching classes, lectures, seminars, demonstrations, instructional videos and Internet presence.

Throughout these years Mr. Verkerke became aware of the increase in violence in our society which inspired him to develop a self defense system designed to teach non violence. There is an old saying: "Violence begets violence."

It is Daniel Verkerke's overwhelming expertise in Offensive techniques that allows him to test his N.V.S. . He has stated: "You must be aware of what an attacker can do, before you can prepare or understand the defense."

Mr. Verkerke who has tested and retested his system truly believes it will not only work to avoid or redirect an attack, but also encourage all who practice to avoid any aggressive actions or reaction which will benefit our entire society.

The N.V.S.  teaches one how not to fight and should be taught to all.