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Courses For:

  • Law Enforcement

  •  Hospital Staff

  •  Private Security

  •  Correctional Officers

  • Public Education

There needs to be a change in the current systems which are teaching offensive actions and reactions for
Law Enforcement
, Hospital Staff, Private Security, Correctional Officers as well as teachers and the general public. Even though it is difficult to offer assistance and education to those who are set in their way, we are impelled to try and make a difference.

We need your participation in creating a safer environment. Helping to promote  N.V.S. will also have an impact on cost related to violence which include: apprehension, sentencing, incarceration, rehabilitation, pain and suffering of victims, loss of productivity, health and hospitalization cost, as well as law suits - liabilities.

 By implementing the Non Violent System for children the program has a dual effect. Not only will it reduce victimization, it will also reduce those at risk of becoming offenders. This system is proactive in nature as it seeks to stop violence before it occurs. The Non Violent System is designed to reduce Bullying, Aggressive reactions, while building confidence and teaching an awareness of emotional responses, which are reflected through the understanding of cause and effect.

AVOID LAW SUITS: Learn to avoid or redirect any attack without the use of offensive striking or kicking techniques.

  EASILY TAUGHT IN ONE CLASS:  Instead of hundreds of moves to practice and learn, our N.V.S. system utilizes the principles of 4 concepts that will work for every situation. Even though this is easily taught in one class we recommend regular practice by yourself or with a partner or group.

AVOID VIOLENCE:  We teach how to avoid acting and reacting with violence. Sometimes fighting back may get you hurt more. Our system of body movements will teach you to avoid and redirect an attack, rather than to strike back and escalate an attack.
This is a great system to teach Children to stop reacting with aggressive behavior. 

  •  Avoidance and redirection courses for Men, Women and Children.

  •  Controlling and Restraining courses for Security and Law Enforcement.


 We highly encourage Law Enforcement and Private Security to adapt our Special NVS course on controlling and restraining techniques. These are Non Violent techniques which encourage all to avoid abuse of physical force.

Together we can make a difference in promoting Non Violence for our Society.
We will be happy to help you arrange a course to be implemented within your Organization, School, City or Community based Association.  e-mail us at: nvs@bushido.org  or call Daniel Verkerke at: (519) 624-4464