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Isshinryu Grandmaster Phil Little lines up his troupes prior to wowing the crowd with a dynamic demo.

Grandmaster Hanns von Rolbeck from Germany works his "ki" magic with volunteers from the audience.

Grandmaster Neal Hummerstone after effortlessly throwing his opponent during demo.

Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan demonstrates his Filipino art of mayhem.

Professor Abad (red belt) and SiGung George Lim (grey gi) of Kajukenbo share a moment woth friends after their demo.

Guam's deadly art of San-Jitsu is demonstrated by Grandmaster Sanchez and students.

Grandmaster Richard Van Donk (left) and Ronald Balas sign certificates as Professors John Casarez (in black) and Neal Hummerstone await their turn.

General Alexander Retuinskih from Russia and Grandmaster Sanchez from Guam share a strong friendship despite the language barrier!

Some of the greatest martial artists of the 20th Century line-up during
the banquet (with shadow screen in back from one of the show demos

Seminar instructors "take their bows" at the banquet - Over 20 of the
top martial artists in the world gave "free" seminars during the
weekend extravaganza!

Smiling faces adorned the faces of the 500 + crowd as the evening's
festivities unfolded...It was truly one of the great events of 1999!

Grandmaster Sanchez addresses the 100's present at the 5th Annual
Meeting of the WHFSC.

Some of the Grandmasters and masters gather for an informal picture after the meeting.

Another angle shows our Communications Manager, Soke Daniel Verkerke (handle bar mustache) in shorts obviously enjoying the different weather from Canada!

Proclamation from Mayor is read declaring Sept. 4th as
"World Head of Family International Hall of Fame Day"

Jose Rodriguez of Soke Harris Warren's Demo team demonstrates a Kama Form during entertainment.

Master Dale Kirby wowed the crowd with his precision
Iaido demonstration

The "Black Dragon", Ron Van Clief is all smiles
as he accepts his award!

Grandmaster Richard Van Donk stops to show off his award for "Outstanding Videos"..

Grandmaster Carl Stone (left) prepares to engage his opponent during a super stage show put on by his demo team.

Some of the students who received "recognition awards" beam with pride over their awards!

Grandmaster Dan McEaddy and Janet Gee following the demonstrations they both conducted.

Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke (left) displays
his awards with Shihan Edward Rose

The "Enforcer", Professor Gary Dill signs his name to a new member's certificate.

Soke Harris Warren with well deserved award poses with champion kickboxer Kathy Long, WHFSC Woman of the

It is unfortunate for those who could not make this year. We hope to see everyone next year.

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Many more photos at the Seminar Symposium