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Calendar of Events

We will be teaching and promoting Self Development and personal Enlightenment in USA, Canada and Asia throughout 2009.

Contact us to arrange a seminar or lecture with Daniel Verkerke,  Arrangements can be made for your group or event while he is in your area.

Regular classes are held at our Studio in Cambridge Ontario Canada.



    • Atlantic City
      January 2009 Action Martial Arts Magazine annual Seminars and award banquet.
    • San Antonio Texas
      May 2009  WHFSC annual seminar symposium and Award presentations. 

Upcoming Events

    • Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
      August 1st 2009 Seminar with Daniel Verkerke.
      Appointing Asian Director .
    • Sarawak Kuching Malaysia
      August 8 - 9th Seminar Demonstration with Daniel Verkerke