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Becoming One with "What is"


To become one with “what is,” you must first know what, “What is!” For example: What is could have  been a punch ,  kick or throw. Knowing many possibilities to these examples of “What is,” makes it easy. “What is,” can also stem from an emotional attack, such as an insult on one’s appearance, integrity or one’s loved ones. These attacks or “What is,” may be used against one that does not know he is being controlled. As stated earlier, to become one with what is , one must know, “What Is.” The physical examples of techniques is just the beginning.
Developing an awareness of all possibilities is a never ending process. As we develop a greater source of knowledge and possibilities our awareness grows with it. And so does the possibilities of our reactions.
If you do not pay attention to the lessons of life you will not gain knowledge and awareness. You will be one of those people who just think, “Why does this always happen to me!” “Boy I must have bad luck!” Ignorance is not always bliss.
Seicho Jutsu is a system of education which guides one to see much more. It insights the individual to see on a multi dimensional level by becoming aware of many possibilities of cause and effect. Becoming “ONE” with a greater awareness of “What is” on all levels.

December 2002

 Basically we are limited to the amount of “What is” that we have experienced, with counters, defenses and reversals. If an individual knows only basic kicks, strikes or blocks then they are limited to their creativity in using these techniques. To them becoming “One” with “What is” becomes more limiting. When the individual has more experiences in utilizing concepts of throws, arm locks, chokes, wrist and finger locks they see many more possibilities to “What if”  and “What is” and uses this to their creative abilities. Eventually the individual’s resources become almost limitless with creativity. From the combination of concepts and knowledge learned from all your techniques, you may experience new techniques. This is mostly done from combining various concepts to counter your attackers unorthodox attack or counter. However, we are not just limited to our experiences. When the mind is empty we may also tap into a greater source, reacting without thinking and letting our higher source/ power react.  

Although the above analogy is in relations to Martial Arts the understanding of "what is" should be applied to your over all outlook of everything.


By Daniel Verkerke



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