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Sharing some Reflective thinking  with Daniel Verkerke

We have different states of mind, what I call spheres of thinking, Each level has a different vibration. For example a scientist sees through a scientific state of mind, a priest through a religious state, the state of mind I would be in while socializing in a bar would be different then when I'm teaching. To find the void or emptiness we can not be in a direct state of mind. While we are in a direct state of mind our spiritual self may be somewhere else. Our sprit is not bound to our physical limitations, therefore you could be fully focused working hard in the office while your spirit may be exploring energy elsewhere.
To be able to communicate on the same level we should share the same level. If I were going to discuss science with you, I would like you to be tuned in scientifically. If your mind was in a religious mode, what I say may be taken in a completely different way. Some times you can talk to people who are not in a position to hear. At another time or day, they maybe in tune to what you are saying. There are times when your spiritual self is in tune with your physical side. It can be often hard to find balance within your life.
What I mean is; some people's lives may be 90% work, 8 % family / friends and 2% spiritual. I mean the ratio of time in regards to our physical life time. We have many things to experience in life, but I will end up writing a book if I keep on.





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