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Quotes and Thoughts by Daniel Verkerke


Your first obstacle / challenge to find enlightenment is to get past boredom.  

 Most people avoid this challenge by watching TV, social interaction or playing games to distract themselves from ever overcoming this challenge. If you are ever alone and can get past boredom, you will find your creativity. When you direct this creativity to whatever your passion is “TIME” as you know it seems to stand still. A entire day can go by. You have now entered the Twilight zone. Having time alone is actually a blessing, once you learn to get past boredom.

It is good to forgive, but don't forget, otherwise you may be repeating the same mistake over and over.


Most people don't want to realize it, nor do they want to be responsible for it, but we all have the power to create our own destiny.

Thinking, time has no relativity to Life, unless we all share the same experiences.
If one spends there time laying on the couch watching TV, the level of their personal development will not be the same as one who is out experiencing new adventures.  

 It is sad when people who are in most need of family friends , turn against and oppose the ones in which would help them.
There must be a primal urge for one to crawl into a corner and lick their wounds. Like an animal who growls, snarls and lashes out at it’s very saviour.
The other sad state is the people who could manage by themselves, but prefer to use and abuse the love of family and friendship. This becomes like the boy who cried wolf story, by the time they are in real need, sort of a life or death situation, no one really listens.   It is good to keep emotionally balanced and in control. The sad thing is when people think they are balanced and in control but are actually directing all their negativity at others. When they put themselves in a corner because they cannot handle their situation, they then find a way to blame it all on others. There is nothing wrong with helping others, but if one is not balanced themselves, they will just be playing hot potato with a bundle of negative energy.


 We aspire to the extent of our desire.
If you want something badly enough you can make it happen. If you live, eat, drink, and think of something
100 % it will become your reality. Just have to watch out for what you desire.


Making choices while being unbalanced usually leads to regrets, but then again the hardest realization is being aware when one is unbalanced.

My thoughts on emptiness:
 In order to benefit from emptiness you must first fill yourself with knowledge. It is letting go of the knowledge which represents the wisdom of emptiness. Attaining emptiness without first attaining knowledge is pure ignorance. It is good not to be wrapped up in styles after you have learned those styles. It is the ones that are proud of being empty because they have not learned or studied that makes me shake my head.


Thinking how easily people get out of tune with what they know.
It is as though people can turn their higher knowledge on and off. The strange thing is, apparently they are not aware of this. The quote “Do as I say , not as I do comes to mind. When I see people completely appalled at others for doing things that they have done, it really makes me wonder if they are delusional or just out of tune with who they really are. Then again there is always the other excuse, “ The devil made me do it “.
In the end, if we think long and hard enough, we should be able to realize why we think and do what we do. There are NO excuses.

 Thinking: We all have responsibilities and priorities in life, make sure having fun does not get lost in the list.

"You should never give control to the way you feel to anyone or thing that you do not have control over."
 For example, I don't have control over what other people do or think, so I should not let things like this bother me. I do have control over who I hang out with and the things I do, I can accept what pleases me and reject what does not, it's all under my control.


It is not the content of what you read that is all important. It is what you get out of thinking about it that matters.

There is no shame in fear but honor in overcoming it.
Our emotions set off our endocrine system which releases chemicals which can work for you or against you depending on your understanding. If you do not have any physical changes before getting into a fight, then you must be very comfortable fighting or your just not aware of the changes in your heart rate, metabolism, adrenaline, endorphins which effect the body. It is good to be able to be calm and collective, but sometimes we need a sort of turbo boost which increases our speed, reflexes, strength and our ability to get past pain.


Fashion and trends guide the masses, so easy to follow the flock.
Free thinkers are persecuted because they are a threat to the sheep herders control. Sometimes it is wise to be silent .

Faith / Belief is the driving force for the spirit, it is the key that drives us to personal development.
If we have belief in ourselves, we can project and direct that energy outward.

 Want to feel good, stimulate your senses.
Music is a great start, crank up the James Brown : "I feel Good". Relax your mind, feel the vibes and move with the groove.   music / sound is but one sense, there is touch - receiving and giving, smell as in aroma therapy, sight- if you can’t see the sun and sandy beach, you can always visualize, taste - ahh the chocolate ... To easy to get high on life, so much to stimulate the senses and lift you spiritually.


 IRONY; Our hardships in life usually evolve to good and happiness, while the things we desire and enjoy often result in sorrow and despair.
To live and experience life we must experience all, and find some balance and wisdom somewhere in-between.

Feeling good or bad is a choice which can spread like a disease. Be aware of who is infecting you.
When feeling frustrated, depressed or angry is it you who have created these feelings or others who are passing it on to you. The same holds for joy, pleasure and excitement. When you become aware, it becomes your choice to create or accept.

We are the keepers of our own limitations
Most of these limitations were cast upon us from our own social upbringing. For many, they hold onto their limitation like they are the only things in life they have. To see beyond the clouds you must let go.

"There is a big difference between acting and actually being."
A monkey can copy techniques an actor can pretend and look the part, even mimic expressions. Neither one can direct and feel the spirit. A warriors spirit or the spirit of true intent can only be felt. Many can act or portray this. If an actor is very good they can become the emotion and emit the true intent, but most only act.

People are missing the point when they spend too much time trying to create differences and divisions. These people are all trying to gain control .
A free mind is impossible to control. We should all strive towards breaking down walls and open our minds, thoughts and spirit. Be aware of the manipulation from the Divide and conquer strategy that has been controlling minds for hundreds of years.

Mistakes are excusable, but when they repeat themselves there is NO excuse.

By holding onto the past or future, we not only do not heal, but perpetuate our suffering in the present .
Anger is caused from the past. From our conditioned experiences we have expectations. When things don't favor what we expect we may anger. Fear is caused by the future. The thought of how will we provide or get where we want in life causes worry / fear. To heal oneself one must live in the moment / present, this is apart from the past or future.   Any emotion out of balance can be the mind killer, love, hate, grief ... When an unbalanced emotion takes over there is no clarity, it is like being under a spell. Sometimes our emotions have to counter balance themselves to find balance again. ie: This is like the love / hate scenario. To heal, we need to find balance.

Truth is not static and is completely manipulated by the media.
If something is in the media long enough it becomes the truth. Special interest groups twisting facts to gain power for their cause. I am not for pollution or green house gases, and would love to see a greener world. Having this minus 20 degree winter weather with snow storm after snow storm is really challenging my perception of global warming. I’m sure though if you see it enough in the media people will forget the snow and cold though, they did after last winter. Just watch the media manipulation after having some hot weather in the summer with a few forest fires. Was watching a WWF guy on the news stating how we have to protect the polar bears because they are becoming extinct. You should donate and get involved with this noble cause. Turned the channel and was watching another news channel which was covering the problem the Inuit are having , they were complaining the children cannot go out to play because there were too many polar bears around.

Our perception of the past can direct the future, but this can all change with the development of knowledge understanding and wisdom.
The above quote for the day was inspired from my thoughts of: "If a man dwells on the past, then he robs the present. But if a man ignores the past, he may rob the future. The seeds of our destiny are nurtured by the roots of our past." .....That was "Master Po"  
 There can be influence from our past. There can be influence from what we strive for in our future. There is also the present which may be a state of emptiness. It is the awareness and balance of all that should guide us on our path. Our past or what we strive for in the future should not blind us to the moment.

Your students cannot exceed you until they also have taught students to become better than themselves.

There is a difference between acting without thinking and knowing what must be done. It is usually knowing what will happen if nothing is done that creates heroes.

Truly living life comes with all emotions. If we build a wall around ourselves we will not be able to experience life to the fullest.
Think it is most important to be aware of the consequences to our actions. The problem arises when people have NO Awareness or just don't care. One lesson is; don't trust anyone with what you cannot afford to lose. Then again wisdom should dictate who you can trust. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, you can trust some with one thing but not others.  

By Daniel Verkerke



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