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The Problem

July 14th 1995

People spend too much time trying to find the problem. They look really hard and find it, or so they think. They cut out the problem or change their situation thinking that it has now been fixed. Everyone looks for an excuse. For example: “I had a bad childhood.” “Nobody loves me.” “No one understands me.” Everyone wants an excuse to blame their bad feelings on someone or something. If nothing comes to them, they can read into any little situation to find a release from their pain. People choose to direct their pain because they cannot realize or take responsibility for the way they feel.
People can’t understand that it is the way they think that causes them pain. It is their perception. Since no one wants to take their own responsibilities they blame other things , then separate themselves from them. This provides a temporary relief. After awhile they are frustrated and angry about the new situation that they have put themselves into. Then they have to change that situation, never realizing that they keep changing the wrong thing.
As hard as it may sound, people have to learn how to change the way they think.


By Daniel Verkerke 


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