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Emotions Cause and effect / Creating Karma

Every one has emotions. It's a matter of how we handle these emotions which can cause bad Karma. Someone told me that people who do not express emotions are boring, they are not living life, just going through the motions, they might as well be robots. This statement inspired me to write the below. Just because an enlightened person does not often lose their temper. It does not mean they don't feel pain. .Sure is nice to express emotions. When we express negative emotions they will most likely be returned. There are not too many people developed enough to realize cause and effect. That means what your emotions are going to cause other people to feel and the effect of them returning your negativity. How is it that you could wake up in the morning truly in Love with someone, then in the afternoon treat them like they were your enemy. The answer is no understanding of who you are and cause and effect. If I'm getting upset because of a situation which may or may not be my lovers fault, I should still never direct my frustration at the persons I love. If they are susceptible towards my anger, they just may return their anger. This is not healthy. Eventually people are going to say and do things they will regret. This is because their actions were governed by negative emotions. Unfortunately most people just do that. They say and think it's natural to feel and express these emotions. That's like saying it's natural to bring down the emotions of your loved ones. To torture and torment your loved ones because it makes you feel better relieving your stress. The stress that we all have is self induced, it is caused by our own perception. How we can't deal with situations beyond our control. I do not believe we should just relieve our negative emotions towards people we love. We can not reap any possible benefit from this. Temporary relieve of our own stress at the expense of our loved ones. We have the power to create our own Karma. It just depends on which emotions we express and dwell on. If we choose to dwell on the negative it will be returned. Planting seeds of negativity in the souls of our loved ones will haunt us in the end. Just because someone does not direct their anger, frustration or stress at the people they love, it does not mean they don't feel it. They just may know the Karma which will be returned eventually. This is cause and effect. Do you still believe life would be boring with someone who does not express their emotions towards you ? Would they be inhuman, or maybe just wise?

By Daniel Verkerke





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Emotions Cause and effect / Creating Karma 


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