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Alternative, understood as; one thing taking the place of another. In many cases alternative should not mean taking the place of something else. I have trained in different martial arts, environments, commercial schools, community schools and private schools. I have also instructed in all 3 types of environments. Each one could be considered to be an alternate from the other. Each one provided  me with growth and knowledge. If I thought one could take the place of the other’s, I would not know any different.
If you understand one train of thought and you think of it as your alternative to everyone else’s thought, you will know no different. Do not go through life thinking one thing is an alternative for another. Try to learn and experience from all. You have a lifetime to develop yourself  physically, mentally, spiritually and harmonize with all your alternatives.
Your only alternative is: Close your mind to other train of thoughts, or open your mind and develop other train of thoughts.

By Daniel Verkerke 



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