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Art of Growing

  • Philosophical, Spiritual & Emotional Studies

  • Meditation - Relaxation & Imagery

  • Massage & Physical Conditioning

Emblem Theory


The Art of Growing, is a Medium  to;
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development.

 It is the Practitioners, Instructors and Masters intention to become one with body, mind, and spirit. This is done through a vast curriculum which includes training of the body, mind and spirit as well as the studies of acupressure, reiki , herbology, astrology, ostiology, myology, kinesiology, neurology, lymphatic-circulatory and endocrine systems...


Training the body consist of; physical control of body components - (stretching, balance, co-ordination, reflexes, timing, and strength) as one is physically training they are also learning the muscular and the skeletal system as well as body mechanics. Treatment of the body consist of;  herbology, vitamins and balanced diet, massage and breathing exercises.

The physical application not only develops one physically, but also teaches one to be aware of every movement as well as cause and effect of every action - reaction. These concepts once understood through physical techniques can be applied to everyday life.


Training the mind consist of; the awareness and development of a balanced clear mind through various mental exercises and relaxation /  imagery meditation. Learning and analyzing psychological strategies and emotional actions / reactions. Philosophy, including discussions and lectures on morality, perception, enlightenment, wisdom and life. Treatment of the mind consist of; stress release- relaxation techniques utilizing and stimulating all 5 senses. Awareness of emotional balance and counterbalance, cause and effect.

The theories of motion through emotion makes one aware of the physical changes our bodies go through while we are emotionally unbalanced. When one becomes aware of these strengths and weaknesses, one will learn to use them for oneself, not against oneself.


Training the spirit consist of; the awareness and development of ones inner self, soul, or spirit. Discussions and lectures on belief, direction and the control of spiritual / universal energy. In many cases your body, mind and spirit will be training together. You could be training the body while developing the mind, or training the mind while developing your spiritual oneself. For example: while training physically one may develop self control, confidence and self discipline.

Treatment of the spirit; this is done after the body and mind are balanced. Breathing techniques are developed to purge and purify spiritual energy. After this, emotional breathing techniques are used to develop, increase, balance and counterbalance spiritual energy. In many cases one will be treating the body, mind and spirit all together. For example; in breathing exercises for physical treatment, you may also be using visualization through the mind and energy transformation through spiritual energy.


The form of massage therapy we use is very unique. It is unlike traditional massage therapy. It consists of acupressure, reiki and relaxation imagery meditation utilizing breathing techniques. Through this form of massage, the practitioner not only relaxes the muscles and aligns the energy, but also teaches awareness and development of a neural network. This neural network allows one to develop the ability to release and relax ones own tension. This is also done through various stretches and breathing techniques.
In advanced levels there is also the understanding of cause and effect relating to the understanding and relation of emotional energy. In essence; this form of massage helps one physically, mentally and spiritually.