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1997 By Dawn Marsh

Jieitai Ryu Seicho Jutsu Self Defense Extaordinare

On Saturday March 1st,1997 Seicho Jutsu Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke, Instructors and Junior Instructors assembled together to demonstrate a variety of self defense scenarios which demonstrate the art of Seicho Jutsu.
The event was hosted by Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke at the Jieitai Ryu Seicho Jutsu Hombu Dojo in Cambridge, Ontario. It was the joining of Martial Artists to unite and contribute to show their explosive techniques, chokes, throws, take downs and finishing techniques. This had the students utilize directional movements to many different attacks, where they subdued their opponent through the use of submissions, immobilizations, trapping, to take down locks, thus showing the most realistic and effective ways of ending an attack. Some were no-nonsense straight to the point explosive techniques, while other's used a variety of techniques to finish an opponent off.
This event was meant to help all Seicho Jutsu students learn the skill and knowledge of the most realistic and effective use of defensive directional movement against any attack.
The Self Defense Extraordinare was video taped and will be used as a learning experience for lower belts, beginning students and the public to inform and educate on the concepts and techniques of Seicho Jutsu.

Group picture of junior and senior instructors in attendance. From far left: Jeremy Dancey, Shodan Rob Ferguson, Shihan Steve Hankins, Bob Brown, Shidoshi Fred Renkowitz, Soke Daniel Verkerke, Shodan Ed Wilson, Shihan Larry Myyra, Shodan Jacques Morin, Shodan Dawn Marsh, and Leszik Marcisz.




                                                               Shihan Steven Hankins demonstrated some very impressive and deadly techniques using knives.



Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke places Shodan Dawn Marsh in a compromising position for a knee to the spine.



 Shodan Dawn Marsh performs a torque drag take down with Soke Verkerke.



                                                                            Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke gives Shodan Dawn Marsh a very painful shoulder stretch.

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