Daniel Verkerke was an honored guest sponsored by the International Martial Arts Research Institute, Martial Arts Federation of Malaysia, and Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarawak .
As the Canadian Ambassador for the International Martial Arts Research Institute and member of the Advisory Council for Canada, Daniel has been very active in unifying the West with the East. Through sharing his knowledge and providing a Thesis which included over 12 instructional videos and DVD's as well as his book titled "Spiritual Development Enlightenment of Life" and the curriculum for the Seicho Jutsu Intstitute of Advanced Studies, Daniel was honored with a Doctorate Degree presented during the World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame in Asia.
The Degree was presented by the honorable YB. Encik Dublin Unting ak Ingkot, AMN., Assistant Minister of Sport & Agriculture, Sarawak, who is also an Advisor of Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarawak.
The International Martial Arts Research Institute of Malaysia is an official accredited Educational Training and Learning Resource Centre appointed under Ansted University.

This trip provided a great opportunity for Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke to learn from others as well as teach and promote his art which is recognized internationally as the art of Canada.
As a Goodwill Ambassador for Canada Daniel met Mayors, Ministers, Police Officials and other Grandmasters and presented them with Provincial pins provided by MPP's Gary Goodyear and Gerry Martiniuk. In Malaysia there is a title bestowed upon few people by the King. The title is called "Dato" it is much like receiving knight hood in the UK. During his stay in Kuala Lumpur Mr. Verkerke was honored to meet with various Dato's and was happy to present them with the Provincial pins from Canada. The Dato's were very gracious hosts and held dinners in GM. Daniel Verkerke's behalf.
Apart from teaching in Borneo, KL and Singapore Mr. Verkerke was hosted by Dr. Zahalan Man, who is the National Chancellor for Malaysian International Association of Educators for World Peace (UN-NGO). This is a world wide movement involved with bringing all nations together through Peace. This is a very noble cause that Mr. Verkerke has also become involved with.

Because this was such an amazing trip with so many experiences, it would take a novel to cover so we have just limited this to a brief pictorial coverage

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Pictorial Highlights

 On July 20th GM. Daniel Verkerke left for Asia with stops in Tokyo, Singapore, Borneo, Malaysia and Taipei. While in Kuching Sarawak his classes on Meditation, Massage Therapy combining Reiki, Acupressure and Breathing Techniques were in high demand. On more than one occasion the classes went past midnight.  Every day was filled with new experiences unifying different styles of martial art together with Canada's art.  

Pictured above is the Headquarters. (The signs have been blown up and pasted below to make it easier to read.) This is a 5 story building and of course there are no elevators and the temperature is in the high 30's every day. Most of the training is done on the roof top, so you can imagine how easy it is to work up a sweat.

(Pictured on the roof) GM. Verkerke has said it is great to train in such a cultural environment; it is a completely different feel and energy compared to most commercial schools he has visited.

Opening Ceremony and ribbon cutting by Mayor of Kuching City, The Honourable Mr. Chan Seng Khai, PBS., ABS., and President of the Martial Arts Federation of Malaysia. Also present where Grandmasters from USA, China, Malaysia, Singapore and of course Canada.

(Pictured above) GM. Verkerke is presenting the Mayor, Honourable Mr. Chan Seng Khai with a Provincial pin from Ontario as well as a personalized action photo.

GM. Daniel Verkerke is presenting Prof. Dr. Song Swee Hee with the Provincial pin of Ontario during the Grand Opening Ceremony for the World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame. Dr. Song's accomplishments are too long to list here. Simply he is Chairman for the Martial Arts Federation of Malaysia.


After the opening ceremony students were patiently waiting for GM. Daniel Verkerke's seminar.

Group shot of junior students with Senior Officials and Grandmasters in back row.

(Pictured left)
GM. Daniel Verkerke presenting Dr. Shi De Qian from China with
a Provinial pin of Ontario and personalized action photo.
GM. Shi De Qian is a Shaolin Monk and 31 heir of former Abbot Su Xi

GM. Verkerke addressing the crowd before beginning his seminar.



GM. Daniel Verkerke's seminar was well appreciated by the senior and junior students. The course of topic was combining Wushu entry techniques with Canadian finishing techniques.

GM. Daniel Verkerke being presented with his Doctrate Degree from the honorable YB. Encik Dublin Unting ak Ingkot, AMN., Assistant Minister of Sport & Agriculture.

GM. Daniel Verkerke pictured here at the head table for the awards banquet, to his left is Dr. Song Swee Hee

GM. Daniel Verkerke presenting the honorable YB. Encik Dublin Unting ak Ingkot, AMN., Assistant Minister of Sport & Agriculture, with a Provincial pin from Ontario and a personalized action photo.


GM. Daniel Verkerke once again took the floor to demonstrate how easy his system of movement and understanding of sticking and redirection easily controls an opponent without grabbing, holding or striking .



GM. Daniel Verkerke was taken care of very well while in the Capital City Kuala Lumpur. A car and driver where provided compliments of  Dr. Zahalan Man, Grandmaster of Pertuhan Seni Silat Ikatan Kalam Utama Malaysia.. Upon arrival to KL. GM. Verkerke was greeted at the airport by Prof. Dr. Steve Rajan who is Vice President - International Affairs, and was then taken on a tour of the City. Later on that evening GM. Verkerke was guest of honor at an 8 course meal hosted by Dato' Hj. Mohd Admin Bin Pipet

(Pictured above) GM. Dr. Zahalan Man, Police Chief Dato' Yahaya Udin, GM. Verkerke, Dr. Song

On the second day  GM. Daniel Verkerke was introduced to the Chief of Police Dato' Yahaya Udin for the State of Selangor which has a population of 4.5 million. The afternoon was spent talking about the N.V.S. program that GM. Verkerke teaches to the Sheriff's Department in USA. This program teaches Non Violent System of movements used to control and restrain. Also topics of retractable baton, pepper spray and gun control were discussed.

(Pictured above) GM. Daniel Verkerke presenting Police Chief Dato' Yahaya Udin with a pin from Canada and a personalized action photo. After the meeting, the Police Chief had a meal catered for his honored guest on the 8th floor of the Police Headquarters in Selangor.

Meeting with the Minister of Federal Territory

Pictured above from left;
Dr. Zahalan Man, Tan Sri' Dato Sri Mohamad Isa samad, GM. Daniel Verkerke

A private gathering and high tea was arranged for GM. Daniel Verkerke to meet the Minister of Federal Territory, Tan Sri' Dato Sri Mohamad Isa samad. The Minister of Federal Territory was previously the Minister of Negeri semilan for 23 years and took time from his vacation to meet GM. Verkerke. The Minister discussed his last trip to Canada and received a commemorative pin and picture from Daniel.

Pictured above; GM. Daniel Verkerke presents Dato' Hj. Mohd Admin Bin Pipet with a Provincial pin of Ontario and a personalized action photo. This Dato is the one who hosted GM. Verkerke's 1st dinner in KL.

Welcoming Ceremony
Silat Kalam Association

The Pertubuhan Seni Silat Ikatan Kalam Utama Malaysia held a Grand Welcoming Ceremony
to honor Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke's arrival. The ceremony included many demonstrations
as well as speeches from top officials and representatives.

GM. Daniel Verkerke giving an appreciation speech and congratulating the group for an outstanding performance while offering his support in promoting their arts in Canada and USA


GM. Daniel Verkerke presenting Dr. Zahalan Man with a Provincial pin from Ontario and personalized action photo during the ceremony.


Pictured left: GM. Verkerke at press conference and slide show presentation. Pictured right: Silat Kalam Officials pose with GM. Verkerke

The press were in full attendance to cover the arrival of Canadian Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke.

The last night in Kuala Lumpur Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke was hosted for a fantastic dinner
at the KL Tower by Dato' Khalid Mohd Jiwa. In attendance above from left to right are
Dr. Zahalan Man, Dr. Song Swee Hee, GM. Daniel Verkerke, Dato' Khalid Mohd Jiwa,
and Police Chief Dato' Yahaya Udin

Pictured above; GM. Daniel Verkerke presenting Dato' Khalid Mohd Jiwa with
the Ontario Provincial pin and personalized action photo.


GM. Daniel Verkerke poses with some of the senior students he was teaching in Singapore.

Master Victor Chong (right) is the Chief Instructor of the Singapore school. After meeting GM. Daniel Verkerke in Malaysia and attending the seminars and demonstrations, he invited GM. Verkerke to come teach at his school in Singapore. So on August 6th Daniel was greeted at the Singapore airport by Master Chong and taken to the school for a class followed by a dinner of cultural food before being rushed back to the airport for his next flight.


You can't visit Asia without seeing the sights.
We are also happy to share some pictures of the Temples visited,
Jungle Safari and visit to the cultural village.






Visiting the cultural village in the Mountains of Borneo. After hiking through the Mountain and visiting the various tribal cultures GM. Daniel Verkerke went for a swim in the South China sea which is at the base of the Mountain.





Good thing the Head Hunters were not hungry.


Yes, those a real human skulls.

We hope you enjoyed the coverage and pictorial.
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