Bushido Event Coverage

The demonstrations / seminars that were put on by the various Grand Masters this
year were excellent.There were Grand Masters from the Phillipines,Isreal
Europe,Russia,South America, the US and Canada. It was quite the turn out.
Below are some pictures taken during the demonstrations.

dandemo1.jpg (9705 bytes)
You can almost see the grin on Soke Verkerke's face
as he puts Aubrey Millard in a reverse guilliotine.
dandemo2.jpg (7068 bytes)

We don't need no stinking mats!

dandemo3.jpg (7621 bytes)
Soke Verkerke taking down Aubrey Millard.
dandemo4.jpg (8402 bytes)
Soke Verkerke  explaining how to
control an opponent on the ground.
dandemo6.jpg (7548 bytes)
Soke Dan Verkerke and Aubrey Millard pose
for a photo after the demonstrations.
mceaddy1.jpg (9064 bytes)
Eddie Rose reconsidering his decision to be
Grand Master McEaddy's Uke.
mceaddy2.jpg (9615 bytes)
Soke McEaddy defending against a punch.
mceaddy3.jpg (10091 bytes)
Soke McEaddy demonstrated the
use of pressure points.
mceaddy4.jpg (9016 bytes)
Eddie Rose about to hit the floor ....that's what
you get when you throw a punch at a Grand Master.
mceaddy5.jpg (9685 bytes)
Some guys never learn.
demo1.jpg (8479 bytes)
Phillipine Grand Master used a bull whip during his demonstration.
demo2.jpg (11315 bytes)
In this part of the demo the Grand Master is flicking straws
from the mouths of his students with the bull whip!
demo3.jpg (9862 bytes)
The Grand Master disarming an opponent.
florida7.jpg (9251 bytes)
Soke Verkerke avoids an incomming attack from Aubrey Millard during the seminar for the WHFS council members.
florida6.jpg (10511 bytes)
Soke Verkerke demonstrating the virtues of
being outside of an opponents strike.
florida15.jpg (8521 bytes)
Soke Verkerke putting Aubrey Millard in a rather
uncomfotable position during the seminar